1:1 Computer Repair

It’s a familiar scenario: your computer or laptop isn’t working, you take it to be fixed, and the cost of the repairs
​is so high that you decide to upgrade to a new model, thinking that will solve your problems,
​except you soon need to upgrade again… What seems to be a ‘convenient’ solution
​ is not only inconvenient,​ it’s expensive and wasteful.


At the Edinburgh Remakery, we have a different mindset: we not only make the cost of repairs affordable, we give you the knowledge and teach you the skills to troubleshoot common problems for yourself, so you feel more confident about using your equipment in the future.

The reality is that most people only use a tiny fraction of their computer or laptop’s processing power so with simple tips, the appropriate use of free software, and occasionally buying and fitting small extras and accessories, you can normally find a good solution. Come and visit us to find out more.

Computer, laptop and tablet repair appointments are £40 per hour (not including the cost of parts), and we offer FREE diagnosis.*

We no longer offer 1:1 phone repairs.

If you would like help replacing the screen on your smartphone, you can purchase the part and come along to our free repair evenings

Use our online booking form or e-mail computer@edinburghremakery.org.uk to book your repair appointment now. Please note that this is not a drop-off repair service, and you will have to be present throughout the appointment.

Pick a day and time from the calendar above and click next. Fill in your contact details and don’t forget to mention your problem!!!

The appointments lasts from 30 mins to 1 hour as required



To find out more about how we deal with personal information, visit our Privacy Policy page.

Before you arrive:
  • Please check your warranty prior to the appointment. Repairs by a third party may invalidate your warranty.
  • We recommend that you back up your data before the appointment. We are not responsible for any data loss during the repair.
  • We cannot take responsibility for any unsuccessful repairs in the event of further damage to your device.

*Please note that prices are indicative. Payment for services will be taken at the end of your session. Cost of appointment does not include parts.