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Take the stress out of event planning and let us do all the work for your next get-together, group, or team-building event.

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Organising group events can be stressful. From pinning down a date that everyone can make, to planning activities, what food to order, and finding the perfect space, it can all be a bit much! That’s why we’ve launched our Private Workshops., to take the stress out of event planning.

We’ll handle all the logistics for your next event including technical set-ups, workshop activities, lunch and restaurant bookings, name badges, hot and cold drinks, snacks and fabulous cakes, and everything else you need for a successful and enjoyable event. Have a browse of some of the workshops you can book with us below before completing the contact form with some details, and we’ll get right back to you! Events can be delivered to groups of up to 28 people and can also be tailored to fit you and your needs, so if there’s an activity you’re keen to run that isn’t on the list then just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

The best part is that any profits from these are reinvested back into our social and environmental projects, delivering essential sustainable skills to members of our local communities, helping those in need out of digital poverty, and saving electronics from going to landfill.

Workshop examples

Reinvigorate your Wardrobe

Learn practical and simple ways to ways to repair, modify and upcycle the clothes you have, so you don’t have to buy new!

Extend the life of your clothes and reinvigorate your wardrobe in a 2-hour or 3-hour hands-on workshop with one of our sewing experts.

Book Sculpture

Explore the world of Book Sculpture and keep your books from going to waste. 

During this 3-hour workshop you will learn to transform books into pieces of sculptural art. Learn how to fold, tear, cut, glue, stamp, paint and stitch the pages of your chosen book. Decorate your creation with collage, pockets, small 3D objects, papier-mâché and other embellishments.

Sewing Machine Skills

Learn all the basic skills when it comes to machine sewing in this fun, accessible 3-hour workshop.  

This workshop will introduce you to a sewing machine and its various parts, going over what each of these do, and how it all works, ending with you making a simple item to take home with you using your newfound skills!

Book-Binding Workshops

For anyone who wants to have fun while learning a new skill, and make use of second-hand and scrap materials to repurpose into something beautiful and useable. 

Our 3-hour Bookbinding workshops can teach you to make a range of different books that can be used as sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, or to keep treasured mementos safe. Bookbinding technique options include Traditional Japanese Stab Binding, Unique Notebook with a Twist, Piano Hinge Book or Coptic Binding

One Piece of Paper Workshop

In this creative and crafty workshop participants will use just one single sheet of A3 paper (such as a large postal envelope) to make one of two books of their choosing:

Book One: An accordion pocketbook where you can store small treasures, such as ephemera, drawings or photos.

Book Two: Decorate, cut and fold a 16-page book, creating abstract patterns and an inventive closure system.

A versatile workshop that can run from between 2-3 hours

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