Donate Items

So many of us have cupboards and drawers full of laptops, smart phones, and other electronic items that are no longer used. But what to do with them? Bring them along to the Edinburgh Remakery - we'll repair and refurbish everything we possibly can, giving your old tech a new life and keeping it out of landfill.

Where can you make a donation?

Take a look at our Tech Donation Box Map of public boxes to see your nearest donation location! We have donation boxes set up in spaces across the whole of Edinburgh, making it as easy as possible for members of the public to pass on their electronics instead of throwing them away. Please note that this map may change as boxes are moved to different locations, so please check the map immediately before donating for the most updated locations.

What can we take as a donation?

    • Please note we are no longer able to take desktop computers or other large items. The maximum size of donation we can accept is 7cm x 44cm. Donations we can accept include:

    • Laptops and Macbooks

    • Tablets and iPads

    • Smart phones

    • DSLR cameras

    • General cables

    • Chargers

    • Headphones

    • Routers

    • Smart watches

    • Peripherals, such as keyboards, webcams, and mice.

We are not able to accept general household electrical goods, such as toasters, kettles, lamps, hair dryers, etc. We are also not able to accept printers of any size or type.

Check out our FAQ's page for more details. You can also find out more about how we reuse even the smallest electronics components here.