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The Edinburgh Remakery team are the driving force behind everything the social enterprise does and achieves. Find out more about the people behind the scenes here

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Elaine Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Elaine was previously Chief Operating Officer for Bright Green Business – Scotland’s number one provider of Environmental Internships.  She worked with businesses throughout Scotland to engage them in circular economy practices and help them to grow their businesses by improving their environmental sustainability. She also brings with her over 23 years experience of project management within a number of local authorities.

Elaine is your first contact to explore how the Edinburgh Remakery can work with you to implement circular economy practices within your community or business.  She will be tasked with taking the strategic lead on a range of initiatives.  Collaboration is Elaine’s favourite thing so please get in touch to discuss how you can work in partnership with the Edinburgh Remakery today.

Sotiris Katsimpas
Operations Manager

Sotiris has been taking things apart since the 1990’s, just to see how they worked and if they could be repaired.

Sotiris started as a Computer Repair Technician at the Edinburgh Remakery in 2014, and is now Operations Manager.

In Sotiris’ free time he likes to build robots and lasers, and practice 3D printing, coding and web development. He is the proud servant of Boo (his English Setter), and his motto is “If you don’t break it, you will never learn how to fix it”.

Barbara Hamilton
Funding & Partnerships Manager

Barbara joined us in April 2021 to focus on developing a funding strategy for an environmentally sustainable organisation and delivering our vision of promoting a zero-waste culture that replaces consumerism with creativity, community, and conscious consumption.

Barbara’s background is in Marketing and Business Development. She is a very experienced Bid Manager and Writer and uses these skills to build strong funding cases. Barbara has run successful fundraising campaigns for local schools, raising money to purchase specialist equipment and fund activities for the children. Barbara is always happy to talk about all things funding, especially if it helps people and local communities to develop and thrive.

Alison Outerson
Events Manager

Alison joined the team in November 2022 as Events Manager. With 25+ years’ experience in Change and Project Management within the tech and financial services sectors, Alison brings her extensive skill set to the task of organising events, corporate and public workshops, and community activities at the Edinburgh Remakery. In recent years, Alison has also organised fundraising, careers and networking events on a voluntary basis for local schools.

Get in touch with Alison to find out how we can help with your corporate and team-building activities, or are interested in hiring out the Remakery space for a future group event. 

Miguel Angel Gamez Jurado
Hardware Repair Manager

Miguel wanted to work with tech since getting his first computer at the age of 9, and began learning computer repairs by fixing his family and friends’ equipment. He quickly learned the tricks of the trade and soon began working with large companies to manage their IT needs.

Miguel and his family moved to Edinburgh looking for new experiences and opportunities and, in 2019, he joined the Edinburgh Remakery team. As a Hardware Repair Technician, Miguel uses his expert technical skills to repair and refurbish our donated second hand electronics, giving them a new lease of life.


Harry Ross
Hardware Repair Technician

In January 2021 we welcomed Harry Ross as our new E-Waste Operative, a role partially funded by the No One Left Behind scheme through the City of Edinburgh Council; a scheme created to provide support to those furthest removed from the labour market.

Harry then began studying through QA Apprenticeships, working towards a Level 6 IT Professional Diploma.

Due to Harry’s amazing hard work, reliability and competence, he has since been made a full-time employee and promoted to the role of Hardware Repair Technician, has completed his Level 6 Diploma, and now begins working towards Level 8.

Alistair Lester
E-Waste Operative

Alistair joined the Edinburgh Remakery in February 2022 as E-Waste Operative.

Alistair studied at Fife College to gain an HND in Software Development, before deciding he simply liked working with hardware more. Having spent many years helping friends and family look after and work their technology – all the way from building computers to helping people attach pictures to their emails – Alistair then joined the Edinburgh Remakery tech team, using his knowledge for good!

Alistair is an strong advocate for the Right to Repair movement and working to reduce electronic waste wherever possible, and is excited to be part of the solution!

In his spare time Alistair enjoys playing a lot of PC games , building Warhammer, and listening to old and new metal music.

Andy Hopgood
Delivery and Collection Driver

Andy points the van in the right direction for deliveries and collections and has become somewhat adept at walking backwards while carrying heavy loads of IT equipment (hopefully we didn’t just jinx that…)

Janis Mackenzie
Facilities Assistant

Janis joined the team in May 2022 as Retail Assistant, coordinating the reintroduction of our second-hand furniture. Janis has an interest in sustainable fashion and textiles, as well as a wealth of experience in charity retail.

Janis loves meeting people and will be the first to welcome you through the Edinburgh Remakery doors and help with any of your questions.

Aaron McNeill
E-Waste Operative

Aaron joined the Edinburgh Remakery in 2021 through the No One Left Behind scheme through the City of Edinburgh Council; a scheme created to provide support to those furthest removed from the labour market.  

Aaron’s role as E-Waste Operative involves assessing donated tech equipment for repair, refurbishment or recycling, ready for items to then be sold on or gifted to people in need. 

In his spare time, Aaron likes to play board games and video games.

Arek Wosik
Hardware Repair Technician

Arek joined the Edinburgh Remakery team in November 2022.

Arek studied Electronics in Poland before starting work as a Repair Technician for a small company. During that time he further developed his knowledge around IT, as well as in photo editing and product photography.

Arek joins us as Hardware Repair Technician to help with the growing demand for free electronics which the Remakery gifts to those in need.

In his spare time, apart from fixing things, Arek loves running, highland walking, and traveling with his family to meet new people and admire local cultures and food.

Asrar Qazi
Project & Marketing Executive

Asrar joined Edinburgh Remakery as a graduate Intern in November 2022. His job involved managing our Tech Donation Box programme by finding sponsorships and new homes for them across the city and beyond. After successfully completing his internship, he now works as a Project & Marketing Executive. He has a Master’s degree in Business Management and Marketing from Heriot Watt University. He has a real passion to make our planet a better place to live, by helping organisations and individuals dispose of their e-waste more sensibly and responsibly. He manages our social media and website content to raise awareness of Edinburgh Remakery to our wide and varied audiences and communities.

Willow Wright
Tech Retail Coordinator

Willow joined the Remakery team in April 2023 as Tech Retail Coordinator, combining both her love of technology and her passion for sustainability and protecting the environment. If you’re looking to purchase one of our devices they’re ready to help you find the best device for you!

Willow lived in the US until they were 13, before moving to Edinburgh permanently. They have always had a passion for all things tech, gaming since a young age, and with a keen interest in both software and hardware. She loves to rescue old electronics and upcycle unwanted clothing through tie-dye, giving them a new life. In Willow’s free time they love to game (on any console or PC available to them), read, and roller skate.


Elizabeth Tainsh

Elizabeth is a Planning and Environmental Associate at Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP. She regularly advises clients on planning matters, particularly in the renewables sector. Elizabeth also advises on environmental matters including waste management, contaminated land, & water discharges.

Prior to this role, Elizabeth was a Corporate Solicitor at SEPA where her work included corporate governance matters as well as other sectors including HR, Freedom of Information, data security and protection.

Elizabeth has an Masters degree in Environmental law and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Planning and Environmental Law.

Jeremy Miles

Jeremy is the current Chair of the Edinburgh Remakery board of directors. Jeremy is an experienced business leader with extensive knowledge across most disciplines of business having been Managing Director of a very successful workers co-operative for 10 years, and more recently working in the fast paced environment of a growing tech start up.

Jeremy has also been an advisory Board member in both public and private sector and brings a wealth of skills and experience to the Edinburgh Remakery Board.

Katharina Bouchaar

Katharina Bouchaar is an Environmental Management Consultant, specialising in Zero Waste & Zero Carbon. With her business ESC Sustainability, she focuses on helping public and private organisations achieve their Sustainability and Circular Economy objectives. She is currently also the Network Engagement Coordinator at the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) and Chair of the Circular Economy Working Group at Transition Edinburgh.

Katharina is an expert in EU project development and project management in renewable energy, climate change & the Circular Economy as well as in communications and stakeholder management.

Marcus Sangster

Marcus is a Chartered Banker who has been working with Scottish organisations and businesses for over 20 years. He specialises in asset finance and the life cycle management of capital expenditure.

Marcus has a particular interest in net zero transition journeys organisations face and how tackling challenges also creates opportunities. The practical applications of the Edinburgh Remakery to the Circular Economy are what attracted Marcus to the team and he looks forward to furthering the message of repair, reuse and recycle.

Evelyn Mitchell

Evelyn has been involved with the Edinburgh Remakery since the beginning of 2011 when it was known as Remade in Edinburgh. Evelyn managed the Waste Prevention Team at Changeworks and is now their Environmental and Quality Services Manager.

Evelyn has seen the organisation develop and grow over the years and loves being a Board member of an organisation who are not only reducing the impact that societies have on climate change, but also teaching people skills and helping those in the local community at the same time.

Jason Orr

Jason has worked within the Banking Industry for over 20 years, and with HSBC Corporate for the last 6 years within their Global Liquidity and Cash Management team.

Jason has an interest in Environmental and sustainability issues and is keen to learn how he as an individual can do more.

Jason is very excited to have joined the board of Edinburgh Remakery and looking forward to the challenges and rewards that will bring.

Cat Kozlowski

Cat has is a learning and events officer with Children in Scotland who has spent 18 years working in the education sector focusing on professional learning, outreach education and environmental education. She has a keen interest in equality and sustainability.

Previously, she has worked on community education programmes that supported asylum seekers, refugees, the Traveller community and disadvantaged young people.

As someone who enjoys the great outdoors, Cat combined her degree in natural resource management and postgraduate diploma in education to manage a forest education service where the rainforest was her classroom. Having worked in Australia, Poland, Ireland and the UK, Cat brings a range of international experience to the team.

Lorna McDonald

Lorna has spent the majority of her career working in social care, primarily alongside people living with disabilities. She has experience in developing teams, being a facilitator and a training consultant, and hands on experience of directly supporting people to live the life they choose.

Lorna believes that everyone has a contribution to make to their community and this is only meaningful with genuine inclusivity and when wellbeing is properly supported. This belief drives all of her work and is at the heart of her focus in sustainability.

Lorna is currently studying a degree in computing which has led to a keen interest in how technology can be environmentally sustainable and used to create and support inclusivity to community.

Moray Donn

Moray is currently a graduate Sustainability Consultant at Turner & Townsend helping clients and organisations to meet their net zero goals and ambitions by guiding them on their sustainability journey.

Moray studied an Undergrad MA in Geography, Society and Environment at Heriot Watt University where his passion for sustainability lead him to write his dissertation on the plastic crisis. It was this interest in the circular economy that drew him to an internship offered by the Edinburgh Remakery helping to manage their donation box scheme for E-waste. Moray helped to grow the project from 4 to 14 boxes by the time he left and created the groundwork for other interns to come work on the project in the future.

He joins the Board as our youngest member at 23 and is really excited to continue working with the Remakery and give his input.