Fix and Learn

Get to grips with hammers, rivets, and motherboards, and learn new skills in sewing, woodwork, smart phone and laptop repair, and more in our personalised 1:1 sessions and Thursday repair evening.
We have dedicated workspaces for sewing & mending, IT repair, and woodwork.
Transform furniture, clothes and furnishings, and give a new lease of life to laptops ​that are clogging up cupboards today!



We offer one-to-one computer and laptop repair sessions where we will not only repair your items for a fraction of the price of a replacement, we’ll also show you how to do it too!

 ​Prices start from as little as £40 for 60 minutes.



​Book a one-to-one appointment with our sewing tutors and receive expert advice and hands-on guidance for your own textiles or fashion projects.

Whether you want to learn the very basics of machine or hand sewing, or get help with more complex projects, we can help!



We want to make it easy for our community to learn simple repair skills, so we have partnered with Zero Waste Leith and Changeworks to offer all residents of Leith free repairs in our weekly drop-in Repair Evening every Thursday.

Whether you have a pair of jeans you need to patch, a torn jumper you want to mend, a wobbly chair, or a broken table; we can not only help you fix them, we can also teach you how!