The Edinburgh Remakery is a Social Enterprise. We exist to address the problem of waste and we provide a solution which helps the environment, reduces pollution, and supports our community.

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By reusing and repairing secondhand items we stop these valuable goods from going to landfill where they cause pollution and release carbon – one of the main causes of climate change.

The secondhand items we repair – namely IT equipment such as computers and laptops – are then either sold on affordably to provide a sustainable and accessible alternative to buying new, or the equipment is gifted to disadvantaged groups facing digital poverty and financial hardship, in order to reduce inequalities. We are committed to donating at least 20% of the items we refurbish in this way to support people in need in our community.

We also run workshops which teach people valuable repair and reuse skills, giving them the ability to mend their own belongings, whilst building confidence and promoting mental wellbeing.

All donations are so gratefully received and will help to build a stronger and more sustainable, waste-free community. Have a look at what your donations are helping us to achieve each year:

Thank you for all your support!