At the Edinburgh Remakery we are committed to providing support and help to those in our community who need it the most. All of our profits go back into pursuing our ongoing mission of reducing waste, making valuable practical skills accessible and inclusive, and providing services to support disadvantaged members of our community through our #RemakeADifference projects.

This year we hope to expand our work in the community in the hopes we can #RemakeADifference to even more lives and help create a fair, equal, and supportive community with sustainability at its heart. Have a read of some of the initiatives we’re currently working on below.


Eliminating electronic waste with Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Edinburgh Remakery is joining forces with Filmhouse in the fight to eliminate electronic waste across the city. As two well-loved Edinburgh establishments, we are working together to provide a simple and convenient way for members of the public to pass on their old IT equipment using a uniquely designed Donation Box.

With COP26 being hosted in Glasgow, and with Edinburgh’s ambitious net zero targets, all eyes are on Scotland to take the lead in implementing infrastructural changes to tackle the climate emergency. More and more Edinburgh-based organisations are taking significant steps not only to reduce their own business carbon emissions, but to make it easier for their patrons and team members to make positive changes.

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Helping Businesses Help the Community

Edinburgh businesses have the opportunity to help their communities and the environment during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to a new collaboration between charitable organisations, the Edinburgh Remakery and People Know How.

Since lockdown began in March 2020, the Edinburgh Remakery and People Know How both separately set about offering services that would support those most affected by the pandemic. It became obvious very quickly that digital poverty and social isolation were negatively impacting many already disadvantaged communities who could not afford, or did not have access to, any means to connect with their friends, family, or outside support services.

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Ending Digital Poverty

When Covid-19 struck the Edinburgh Remakery was suddenly met with the prospect of impending closure as all income streams dried up overnight.

We quickly pushed the panic and uncertainty aside and started looking at our community to see what we could do to continue helping and supporting those that needed it. It didn’t take long for covid-19 to hit those already disadvantaged and vulnerable, and hit them the hardest. One of the most pervading issues that quickly came to the fore was the threat of digital exclusion and social isolation, most especially for individuals and families left with little to no income as a result of lockdown, and no means to support themselves.

One of our most developed and thriving departments is in IT refurbishment and repair, which gives us the ability to take in secondhand laptops, computers, ipads, you name it, and give them a new lease of life. Not only does the fixing of old and damaged equipment have an environmental benefit – ewaste is one of the most hazardous polluters on the planet – but for us it also has a social benefit; since launching our Laptops for Refugees project in 2018 we have pledged to gift a portion of our repaired equipment to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

It very quickly became clear that this service would be even more needed in the current climate, and so we put all of our time and effort into growing this operation so that we could provide more people in need, more families and individuals, with free laptops and computers so that they could access healthcare, education, the job market, and stay connected with the outside world and loved ones, helping to alleviate social isolation and digital poverty for many in one fell swoop.

We have launched our free IT Disposal and Refurbishment Service for Businesses, to encourage local organisations to donate their old equipment to us to refurbish and gift to others. And we have built partnerships and bridges with other charities, social enterprises and community groups across Edinburgh to ensure that the equipment our technicians are busy refurbishing reaches those who need it the most.


Teaching young people IT skills

As of 2019 we are working with Edinburgh Project SEARCH (EPS) to offer internships to young people with recognised disabilities, giving them the opportunity to learn valuable IT refurbishment and repair skills in a supportive environment, and help them gain access to the job market.

Stephen McWhirter started his internship with the Edinburgh Remakery in December 2019, learning how to dismantle donated computers and laptops to perform basic repairs and refurbishments, sort and recycle all the component parts to ensure nothing goes to waste, and use various parts to repair items to resell at the Edinburgh Remakery community hub or gift to others as part of our Laptops for Refugees project.

“I like getting one to one support and my supervisor at the Edinburgh Remakery has been really supportive and is always there to help me if I need it. Working at the Edinburgh Remakery is helping me to build my confidence. I love finding out more about computers, it’s helping me to decide what I might do as a future job.”
Stephen McWhirter, IT repair intern

Stephen IT intern at the Edinburgh Remakery

Laptops for Refugees

Our Laptops for Refugees Project in partnership with the Edinburgh Council Refugee Resettlement Programme launched in 2018. We have been able to give 82 laptops and 60 monitors to refugees and asylum seekers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them or have access to essential online services.

These pieces of essential IT equipment are gifted for free to vulnerable individuals and families in the community who come to the UK to start a new life, and whose lives would be vastly improved with this simple gift and who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

In this way we are supporting those who otherwise would not have access to vital services such as healthcare, the job market, and education; not have the opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones; and not be able to research local services and groups and become a part of their local communities.

Edinburgh Pad Project

The Edinburgh Pad Project was created by the Edinburgh Remakery in 2018 to teach people how to make their own sustainable, zero waste and reusable sanitary pads out of recycled fabric, reducing waste and sharing valuable sewing skills at the same time.

All the pads made are constructed out of secondhand and recycled fabrics and are easy to use and washable. Workshops are held every quarter at the Edinburgh Remakery with half of the the pads made during the workshop being donated to The Homeless Period and Leith Food Bank to gift to women experiencing period poverty.

Making reusable pads with the Edinburgh Pad Project is a way to promote sustainability, save people money, and share repair and reuse skills, all whilst helping those in need.

Edinburgh Pad Project at the Edinburgh Remakery
Edinburgh Pad Project at the Edinburgh Remakery3
Edinburgh Pad Project at the Edinburgh Remakery3

Circular Laptops for the Citadel

The Edinburgh Remakery have been awarded a grant through the CRNS Pockets and Prospects Fund, helping to deliver a more circular economy within disadvantaged communities in Scotland.

With this funding we will be able to provide refurbished laptops to the Citadel Youth Centre Young Mums Group, and support them with additional IT repair skills and circular economy education.

Not only will this prevent these laptops from going to waste as we utilise a circular economy model of repair and re-use to refurbish them, but this collaboration will also prevent digital poverty for the Young Mums Group and aid access to healthcare, education, employment, childcare services, and more.

We’re excited to be collaborating with yet another amazing local project, both serving the community of Leith as an area of multiple deprivation, and supporting those in need.

This funding has been made available through the Community Resources Network Scotland Pockets and Prospects Fund, supported by the Scottish Community Alliance.