About Us

The Edinburgh Remakery is an award-winning environmental social enterprise committed to diverting waste from landfill, building a stronger community, and promoting a culture of repair and reuse. We repair, refurbish and recycle what others send to landfill, and we teach others valuable sustainable skills through training and job opportunities, and through our creative workshops.

Have a read of our 2021 Annual Report below or you can download or view a PDF version by clicking here.
You can also have a read of our our 3-Year Strategic Plan 2021-2023 here.

Skill sharing is pivotal to what we do. We teach people how to repair and reuse their belongings rather than throwing them away and buying new, thus diverting useable goods from landfill and reducing carbon emissions. By empowering communities to repair and reuse, we also help to improve financial literacy and capabilities, and help people living in adverse circumstances to access free and affordable IT equipment.

Visit our Building a Stronger Community pages to read more about some of the ways we are working to support those in need across Edinburgh and beyond.

What can you do at the Edinburgh Remakery?

  • Join one of our workshops and learn sewing, book-binding, crochet, and more.
  • Book a team building experience with us! Delivered virtually, our workshops are a great way to bring staff members together to socialise whilst so many of us are working remotely, promoting positive mental health whilst teaching a range of simple repair and reuse skills.
  • Rent our one of our sewing machines for 1-6 weeks. We have 5 high quality heavy-duty Singer sewing machines ready for hire, perfect for one-off and short-term sewing projects or for those who don’t have their own machine at home.