Computers and Electronics

We receive donations of IT equipment from the general public, companies and other charities, and repair and refurbish 95% of those we receive, selling these on at affordable prices here as well as gifting a proportion to vulnerable groups, other charities and social enterprises to help those in need.

Items purchased online can be collected from the Edinburgh Remakery for free, Monday-Friday between 11am-3pm. Delivery of items is also available for just £10.

Our range of IT includes desktop units, gaming PCs, laptops, iMacs, smart phones, tablets, keyboards, mice, speakers, projectors, and more. Availability of items will change depending on the stock we have, with new items being added most days.

​We are Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Partners and ​are able to offer genuine Windows with our equipment. We also provide warranty varying from 12 months to 30 days for added peace of mind.

We also offer special discounts for bulk orders; please contact our IT team for details.


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We have a new category of refurbished items called Wonky but Working. These are refurbished items with minor faults where the cost of repairing or replacing these parts would far outweigh the benefit, and so we are selling them on at a reduced cost to give the less fussy customer the opportunity to own a quality, refurbished item at a lower price!

All faults are stated clearly in the description and accompanied by photos where possible. None of these faults affect the functionality of the equipment, the quality of user experience, or safety. All Wonky but Working items come with a warranty varying from 30 days to 6 months as stated in the item description. New pieces will be added to this category frequently.