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The Edinburgh Remakery is working with the City of Edinburgh Council, The Welcoming, Refuaid, and Bikes for Refugees to provide free refurbished laptops to refugees and asylum-seekers resettling in the UK.
This project has already helped 33  refugees and refugee families. But there is still more we can do and plenty more people in need of  our help.
This year help us raise £5,000 and receive 100 laptop donations to gift to refugees.
It costs on average £50 to refurbish a donated laptop. All donations of £50 or over will pay for a full refurbishment, and as a special thank you will also receive a £5 Edinburgh Remakery gift voucher.
Our target of £5000 will allow us to pay for the parts, tools, and technician time to refurbish and set-up 100 laptops, ready to give to refugee families and individuals resettling in the UK, making the transition into their new life that much easier.
“Computer and web access is an increasingly essential part of our inter-connected world.  This project will provide so many benefits for refugees resettling in Edinburgh including helping them develop language skills, stay in touch with family in other parts of the world and engage with the different agencies contributing to their resettlement.”    – Alistair Dinnie, Refugee & Migration Programme Manager, the City of Edinburgh Council

Why should you donate to the Laptops for Refugees scheme?

There are an estimated 118,955 refugees living in the UK and in 2016 the UK received 38,500 asylum applications. Many of the refugees who are resettled are survivors of torture or other forms of violence and are forced to leave their homes as a result of conflict.

Many families and individuals that are resettled in the UK have very little in the way of personal belongings, and their situations often mean they end up living in isolation. Providing them with a laptop gives them vital access to the job market, education, healthcare and other mainstream services, as well as a means to communicate with others and rebuild their lives in safety. (source: UNHCR).

Please donate now using the buttons on this page and support this worthy cause. 
If you have a laptop you’d like to donate you can drop this off at the Edinburgh Remakery during opening hours ( or post it to us at: Edinburgh Remakery, 127 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8NP.



How much does it cost you to refurbish a laptop?
The cost to us per laptop averages at £50 and breaks down as follows: £33 / 2.5 hours refurbishment, £10 / spare parts, £7 collection/delivery costs (transport and postage). For this scheme we are waiving a management fee to keep costs to a minimum (please note that this cost breakdown is illustrative and can vary between laptops).
Is anyone funding this scheme?
Each organisation that we work with provides us with referrals to let us know how many people are in need of laptops, but we receive no financial help for this project and rely solely on donations.
Can you guarantee my donated laptop will go to a refugee or asylum seeker?
Often those who are in need of these laptops have limited IT skills and need a laptop that is easy to use and reliable to help with a variety of tasks, including learning English, looking for jobs, finding out about and interacting with the local community, and for additional support needs. As a result the newer the laptop and higher the spec, the better.
It’s possible we can reuse older laptops for parts to refurbish newer models to donate to the project. If this is not possible then we will refurbish your donated laptop and sell it on, which will help to support and expand not only the refugee scheme, but our other community and outreach services.

What will you do if you receive more than 100 laptops?
If we receive more than this, we will extend the scheme and offer these to other charitable organisations who are in need of equipment.
What will you do if you raise more than £5000?
If we raise more than this, the extra funds will be put towards extending and improving the laptops for refugees scheme.
I don’t have a laptop to donate. How else can I help?
​Thank you for offering your support. We need to raise £5000 to make this project a reality, and you can make a cash donation using the Donate button below.
My laptop is old / missing parts / has no battery / is not working – can you still accept it?
If your laptop is less than 8 years old then we can source spare parts in order to refurbish it. If it is in very bad condition or older than 8 years, please email the details to and we will let you know if we’re able to accept it.
My laptop is more than 8 years old – can you still accept it?
It’s possible we can reuse older laptops for parts to refurbish newer models to donate to the project. Please email with the make and model and a photo if possible, and we will let you know if we’re able to accept it.
My laptop has personal data on it. Will this be removed before it is given to the project or sold on?
We use a US Government Department of Defence approved algorithm to securely wipe any data from donated equipment – using the 5220.22-M (3 pass) protocol. This is 99.999% secure and ensures all data is destroyed and is non-retrievable. If you are concerned about your personal data then we are able to issue a ‘Secure Data Wipe Certificate’ on request.
Can I bring in a laptop donation outside of your opening hours?
We are unable to take laptop donations outside of our opening hours ( If you’d like to make a cash donation then you can do this any time, simply use the ‘Donate’ button on this page.
I’m not able to get to the Edinburgh Remakery, can you collect donations?
We are sometimes able to collect donations from addresses within Edinburgh. Please contact us with details of your donation and your location and we will get back to you to confirm if this is possible – / 0131 629 9358.
Do you accept phones, tablets, and other IT accessories?
Yes we do. Although these will not be used in this project, we can refurbish phones and tablets and sell these on, securing more funds to support and expand not only the refugee scheme but our other community and outreach services. Please note that tablets and phones must be unlocked prior to donation.

Do you look for donations all year round?
We seek donations of laptops and furniture all year round – for more information about what we can accept visit Refurbishing and selling these on is our main source of income, which helps to fund our free weekly repair surgery and other services in the community.
We have a partnership with local charity CHAI and through this they are able to collect basic household furniture, such as beds and sofas, to donate to people coming out of homelessness. Find out more here:


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