Laptops for refugees​

​Edinburgh Remakery is teaming up with the City of Edinburgh Council Refugee and Migration team 
​to provide laptops to refugees resettling in Edinburgh. 
​ If you’re interested in donating – either a laptop or money to help cover their refurbishment ​– thank you.
​ This page includes all the information you need to know including some FAQ.
​Donations of laptops under 8 years old can be brought to us in 127 ​Leith Walk during our opening hours.
​We can accept donations of money any time.
​ It costs us an average of £150 to refurbish a laptop and
​you can make a donation by using the ‘Donate’ button below.

You can also post to us


Q. How much does it cost you to refurbish a laptop?
A. The cost to us per laptop averages at £150 and breaks down as follows: £100 / 2.5 hours refurbishment, £20 / spare parts, £25 collection/delivery costs (transport, postage), £5 admin and marketing. We’re waiving a management fee for this scheme.

​Q. Is the council funding this scheme?
A. No, they are providing the referrals and letting us know how many laptops are needed.

Q. My laptop is old / missing parts / battery etc – can you take it?
A. Probably, if it’s less than 8 years old as we can source spare parts. But if it’s in bad condition, please email the details to computer@remadeinedinburgh.org.uk so we can be sure we can use it.

Q. My laptop is VERY old i.e. more than 8 years old?
A. It’s possible we can reuse it for parts – again, please email computer@remadeinedinburgh.org.uk with the make and model and if possible a photo.

Q. Can I donate a laptop over the Xmas break?
A. Sorry, no, we’re closed over Xmas, but we’re open again on 4 January! Please do come in then! We can take donations of money at any time though, please use the ‘Donate’ button below.

Q. How many laptops have you currently been donated?

A. As of 22 December we have received 13 laptops and we’ve had many more people get in touch – thank you if you’re one of them!

Q. Can you guarantee my laptop will go to a refugee?
A. We guarantee we will provide 33 laptops for refugees, and we will put out messages on social media when we’ve received this number we can use.

Q. What will you do if you receive more than 33 laptops?
A. We will investigate how we can extend the scheme if we receive more than 33 laptops we can use and we will publish an update on the website in New Year.

Q. Do you accept phones, tables and accessories?
A. Yes, thank you.

Q. Do you look for donations all round the year or just for refugees?
A. Yes we seek donations of laptops and furniture that we can refurbish and sell on at affordable prices. This is our main income stream that helps us run our free weekly repair surgery and funds all our education work. We also have a partnership with local charity CHAI which helps them collect basic furniture (beds etc) for starter homes. Find out more here: http://www.chaiedinburgh.org.uk/our-services/furni…

​Q. I have repair skills and am interested in volunteering. How can I get involved?
A. Thanks. Please see more info here.

​Q. I’d like to help – how can I make a donation?
A. Thanks. Please use the ‘Donate’ button below and make a donation or become a member here. Although we are growing our business income we still depend on grants. Our yearly costs are approx £200,000 so we need to raise £80,000 in 2017 to keep our operations going. If we take on new projects such as developing a project to support refugees, this will further increase our costs and we’ll need further support from donations.​