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27 Aug 2022


12:00 - 15:00



The Japanese Art of Kintsugi, Saturday 27th August 2022

Kintsugi – which translates as “golden repair” – is the Japanese art of mending broken objects using gold resin to give items a renewed purpose and beauty.

In practice this technique involves mending broken ceramics using lacquer or resin dusted or mixed with gold to create stunning shining veins along the breakage points. The result? Instead of being thrown out, a bowl, dish, plate or vase that was once in pieces is given a new lease of life!

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn and practice modern kintsugi techniques to repair your broken ceramics, using gold or metallic powders mixed with an epoxy resin to achieve an unique and beautiful restoration.

What you will need to bring/do for this workshop
Participants will need to bring along 4-5 broken ceramic items to repair during the workshop. Items such as vases, bowls and plates can be used. We usually have some spare objects to work with if you don’t have as many objects.

PLEASE NOTE – all items mended this way are not suitable for drinking or eating off, or regular washing, due to the nature of the materials used in this class.

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