Home events Macrame Rug Making, Tuesday 6th September 2022


06 Sep 2022


18:00 - 21:00



Macrame Rug Making, Tuesday 6th September 2022


Do you want to learn a great new skill and make a beautiful rug to adorn your home all at the same time?

Join our new Macrame Rug Making workshop and learn to make rugs of various shapes and sizes, and in different patterns, using upcycled materials such as duvet and pillow cases, sheets, or even old clothes, to make them truly waste and plastic free. This technique can also be used to make yoga mats, meditation cushions, car seat covers, and more!

Turn old textile items, materials and clothing with sentimental value into brand new pieces of art for your home.

The introductory session will focus on the basic knot technique and a stripe pattern.

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