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12 Aug 2022


17:30 - 20:30



Boro & Sashiko Mending, Friday 12th August 2022


Learn ‘Boro’, the Japanese Art of Mending.

So many cultures have their own special way of mending textiles and saving precious materials from going to waste, and Boro is a Japanese technique used to mend textiles. This technique involves using a specific stitch, named ‘sashiko’ to repair and breathe new life into clothing and textiles in a simple yet beautiful way.

The repetitive movement of the sashiko stitch is a practice used by many in mindfulness, giving our brains and bodies the chance to relax, switch off and press that reset button for a while.

Come and learn this amazing and mindful skill with us and create some beautiful textiles pieces at the same time!

What You Will Learn:
– Learn all about the philosophy behind this mending technique
– Learn a variety of Sashiko patterns
– Learn how to prepare your fabrics
– Learn what special tools can be used
– Learn the all-important Sashiko stitch

All equipment and materials are provided but you are welcome to bring along your own fabric or garments to mend.

In this short workshop you can quickly deepen your textile and sewing agility skills, ready to take on more advanced projects with confidence!

You don’t need to bring any additional materials to this workshop – just yourself!


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