E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and one of the most polluting. By adopting circular economy practices – repairing, reusing and reducing – the Edinburgh Remakery aims to tackle this problem and aid the environment

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E-waste – or electronic waste – encompasses everything from toasters to fridge-freezers, stereos to televisions, and smart phones to laptops. With increased technological advancements across the globe comes a huge influx in the number of electronic items being produced, used, then discarded. And as demand for the latest gadgets increases, this cycle of produce-use-dispose also increases, but without a safe, ethical and environmentally-friendly way to deal with these discarded devices, both planet and people suffer.

Electronic devices contain hazardous substances and chemicals and, when disposed of incorrectly – for example, by being thrown in the bin and into landfill – these toxins leach into the surrounding soil and waterways over time, harming the environment as well as anyone who comes into contact with them.  

Join the Circular Economy

Instead of this constant cycle of consuming and discarding, the Edinburgh Remakery advocates for a circular economy – a cycle where, instead of being thrown away, items are passed on, repaired, refurbished, or reused before being recycled. The very last resort is to throw something away. This ensures valuable materials and resources aren’t going to waste, prevents unnecessary 

manufacturing of new materials and items, reduces harmful carbon emissions, and protects the planet from pollution. 

By donating your old electronic devices to the Edinburgh Remakery, we can repair and refurbish everything we can before passing it on to be reused. Anything we’re not able to repair, we dismantle, using the parts to repair other items or responsibly recycling those that can’t be reused. This ensures as little as possible goes to waste.  

By buying second-hand instead of buying new you are supporting a sustainable, waste-free solution that benefits the planet and benefits communities.  

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