FAQ’s, Policies and Procedures

Returns, Refunds and Warranties


It is important to the Edinburgh Remakery that everyone who buys our products has a good experience and remains a satisfied customer. The Edinburgh Remakery’s philosophy is to promote repair, and to this end we will strive to repair faulty goods before offering a replacement.

Return Policy

It is important that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchases. As such we are proud to offer the following return, repair and/or refund options:
– An item in complete working order may be returned at the customer’s discretion for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, provided it is returned in the same condition in which it was purchased and is accompanied by a receipt.
– As repair is our philosophy, the Remakery will always offer to repair or replace any item that is faulty or not fit for purpose. Alternatively, any item that is deemed to be faulty or not fit for purpose may be returned to the Remakery with a receipt of purchase for a full refund.
– Any item returned to the Remakery without a receipt of purchase may be repaired or exchanged at the Manager’s discretion.
– Refunds on delivery will only be offered if the item received was faulty or not fit for purpose. The faulty item will also be collected at no cost.

Warranties for Computers and IT Hardware

All of our computers are fully refurbished by experienced technicians and are sold with a minimum 3 month warranty, which covers all mechanical faults. We also offer a free computer check-up for up to three months from the date of purchase.

The warranty does NOT cover:
– Software issues
– Damage due to wear and tear
– Damage from poor maintenance, eg not using free check-up, failing to keep equipment clean, etc
– Accidents or tampering

In all cases where fault is covered by the warranty, we will make every effort to fix the problem. Where this is not possible, we will offer a replacement item to a similar specification. For returns and refunds, see above.

Delivery and Collection policies

Cost of Delivery and Collection:

– Items can be delivered for a fee of £10 per order
– Items can be collected direct from the Edinburgh Remakery for free, Monday-Friday between 11am-3pm

Delivery and Collection Policies:

– Delivery fee is non-refundable once the items have been delivered, unless the delivered items are deemed to be faulty or not fit for purpose.
– The collection of donated items is free of charge by appointment only

Donation FAQ's

In light of the new increased restrictions in Scotland, we are not able to accept individual donations of IT equipment to the Edinburgh Remakery for the timebeing. We hope to be able to resume this service when the restrictions are lifted, and will update this page accordingly as the situation develops.

In the meantime, People Know How are accepting donations of desktop computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, tablets, cables or any other IT equipment, which they use to help get people connected. Visit their dedicated Computer Delivery page for further details.

Sewing Machine Rental T&C's

The Period of Hire:

  1. The period of hire begins when the hirer takes delivery of the equipment and finishes when the equipment is collected.
  2. Delivery and collections are available Monday-Fridays only. Any bookings made starting or finishing on a Saturday or Sunday will be allocated a delivery and collection date on the nearest and/or next available weekday.


  1. The hirer will check on taking possession of the machine that it is in good working order and in undamaged condition. Any damage must be reported immediately to the Edinburgh Remakery.
  2. All equipment on hire remains the property of Edinburgh Remakery.
  3. The hirer shall have no authority to transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the period of hire.

Damage to or Loss of Equipment Hired:

  1. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of equipment.
  2. All damage must be notified immediately (or as soon as practicable) following which the goods must be returned to Edinburgh Remakery for repair. The hirer should not attempt to repair the machine themselves.
  3. In the case of negligent or wilful damage or loss of equipment the hirer shall be liable to pay the full cost of repair and / or replacement. This does not include accidental damage / wear and tear that occurs in the usual course of operating the machine or replacement needles.


  1. Edinburgh Remakery will take all steps to ensure that faulty equipment is replaced as soon as possible with either the same or similar equipment.
  2. Please read the instruction manual prior to using the machines, which will be provided with your machine. The Edinburgh Remakery cannot accept liability for any injury caused to the user or others in relation to misuse of sewing machines

Rental Fees:

  1. During the Rental agreement the hirer will pay the rental fee as specified in the Rental Agreement.
  2. Edinburgh Remakery reserves the right to charge for any late returned equipment.