Our brand new schedule of fantastic creative online workshops is now live!

Shop our wide range of refurbished and affordable IT, including laptops, computers, monitors, iMacs, tablets, and more.

Whether you’re a business looking to dispose of end of life IT equipment or an individual with a cupboard full of old phones and laptops, donate them to us to pass on, and keep out of landfill.

We want to end digital poverty in Edinburgh, and offer valuable employment and education opportunities within the third sector to build skills.

Leith E-Waste and Education Hub

We would like to introduce you all to the brand new Edinburgh Remakery business model; the Leith E-Waste and Education Hub.

In order to adapt to this new world that we find ourselves in, we have changed our focus to ensure that we keep delivering key services that are both needed and wanted by those in our community.

The Leith E-Waste and Education Hub is held at our current premises at 127 Leith Walk. Our hub focuses on providing real opportunities for learning not only through the relaunch of our creative, skill-building workshops, but also through training opportunities, work placements, internships, and more.

Our free IT Disposal Service for Businesses and IT donation drop-off point will continue to provide individuals and businesses with a secure, convenient and much needed avenue to dispose of old electronics in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.

Alongside this, our online shop will remain a one-stop shop for all of your affordable, refurbished IT equipment needs, we will remain committed to supporting low income and vulnerable members of our community, and we also hope to bring back our popular IT repair appointments in the near future.

An essential part of our new model is our mission to keep building partnerships and bridges with other charities, social enterprises and community groups across Edinburgh, to collaborate, share resources, and hold eachother up so that, together, we can weather any storm.

We’re excited to enter this new phase of the Edinburgh Remakery’s journey; a journey which we hope you will all continue to travel with us as we strive to create an even stronger, more resilient, more connected, and more sustainable city for us all.