The Edinburgh Remakery is re-opening! The countdown begins…









As of Tuesday 18th August the Edinburgh Remakery doors will be open once more!

After 5 long months the Edinburgh Remakery is re-opening! As of 11am on Tuesday 18th August, all of our beautifully refurbished, quality and affordable computers, laptops, and IT equipment will be dropping into our online shop where you can browse and buy our full range of IT stock any time.

Contactless donations of IT equipment and collections of online orders can be made between 11am-4pm Monday-Friday at the Remakery.

Please note that the shop will not yet be open to the public for sales, and we are still not able to accept donations of furniture until further notice.

If you’re an individual, visit our Donations Page for more information about what equipment we can accept. If you’re a Business, head over to our dedicated Business page for details of our free IT, computer and laptop disposal and refurbishment service.

You can follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn for regular updates from the Remakery, and subscribe to our newsletter for more.

If you have a query you can, as always, reach us at
Thank you for all your continued support, we hope to see you back at the Remakery on the 18th!

Our Mission

We want to build a zero waste world.
We want to offer an alternative to expensive computer and phone repairs, an avenue for those with fixable belongings who don’t want to send them needlessly to landfill, and a way for those with unwanted items to declutter their homes.
We take in broken and working electronic equipment and furniture and repair and refurbish them ready to be passed on. We teach others how to repair and reuse their belongings, empowering communities with a brand new set of creative and crafty skills.
Get involved, and help revive a culture of repair and reuse.
Find out more about the Edinburgh Remakery social enterprise here.