We’re not content with teaching repair skills in the community – we want to generate
a repair revolution. This means changing the way people use and dispose of resources, ​
encouraging manufacturers to build things to last and to be fixable, and making sure
the facilities ​are in place to allow people to repair and reuse.


Are you fed up of paying over the odds for computer fixes or being pressured to upgrade?
Are you tired of sending broken stuff to the dump or having broken stuff cluttering your home?
Do you want an end to a world where things are built to break down in the first place?
Our classes are fun, creative and educational.
Get involved, and help revive a culture of repair.
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4 Cities. One night.

12,000 people under the stars


Last year 8,000 people joined in with World’s largest sleep out in Prince St Gardens to raise £4 Million and call for an end to homelessness in Scotland. This has caused a sea change in the fight against homelessness and funded a raft of major projects. Now we want to keep up the momentum and we are asking 12,000 people across 4 cities to join us in a nationwide sleep out.

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